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Equiom’s Project Outsourcing Services deliver quality technology innovation to your organization through a highly cost effective business model. We provide you with a hard-to-find combination of superior technical project management and expert development services, both of which are necessary to ensure the success of your software project. By utilizing the core competencies of our expert team, our capability to manage projects has resulted in significant return-on-investment for our clients.

Equiom offers a highly flexible service model for project outsourcing. Two basic lifecycle engagement models that can be customized to your needs for maximum effectiveness:


EMLC offers an end-to-end solution to take a project from conception to release. We work closely with you throughout the lifecycle to insure that you have direct and active involvement in the project. Equiom manages the overall project and is responsible for the successful delivery of your project. This model works best with new projects where there is no existing code, or the product is in an early phase of development.


CMLC offers managed augmentation where you need it the most. We provide you with development, program management, test and project management resources as needed. You manage the overall project, and are responsible for the final delivery. This model works best with existing projects where there is a mature code-base, or when the product is in an advanced development stage.


In addition to the core services we offer, we also offer a set of extended services that complement our core offerings, and increase value to you. These include Deployment, Hosting, Servicing, and Support.

Equiom specializes in customized solutions that offer immediate value based on our local and global operational model. From the ground up, we have built a practice to tackle problems such as cost overruns, missed deadlines, and low-quality deliverables—solving the common challenges faced in the delivery to market.


Equiom’s team of experts is ready to engage immediately, bypassing the team-building process, helping you deliver faster.