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Equiom’s team of senior software architects and business leaders partner with organizations—large and small—to solve complex business problems. The Business Technology Consulting Service Group looks at the core challenges of an organization, and delivers specific solutions to address those challenges including identifying go-to-market strategies and key technologies that would provide a competitive advantage, and understanding implementation complexities that might “surprise” along the way.

With strong expertise in developing cost-models and usage cost frameworks, our team will help you gain confidence in your execution plan. We’ll partner with you to design a business model and go-to-market strategy that accounts for technology implications, the competitive landscape, implementation costs and cost/benefit analysis, and time-to-market advantages. We’ll work with you to identify and protect the hidden intellectual property embedded within your product, processes, and organization, and when needed we’ll augment the value of your intellectual property.


Draw on the expertise of our senior-level staff and principles while project ownership is managed through a dedicated manager.