We help organizations build software from the ground up
from a good idea to full production, and all the steps in between.

We’ll advance your intellectual property and deliver innovative, top-quality software solutions that meet your specific requirements, on schedule and budget.


The people at Equiom bring deep proficiency to the game, with hundreds of years of combined experience at top-tier software organizations. Our team comes with hands-on development background and know what it takes to deliver successful projects to market.


Equiom has a proven track record of consistently developing and delivering successful products to market on time and within budget, delivering key technology solutions to companies from the early stage market through fortune 10 companies.


Equiom actively supports the development of innovative products in a broad set of technologies, with several successful exits in mobile software, healthcare IT, and financial services.

Equiom has done a great job recruiting excellent people and adapted quickly and effectively. They recruited great people to help us reach our production goals. Equiom is very responsive - not only setting up an effective website – Equiom Central - but also adapting it to our needs. They are great communicators, very competitively priced and very responsive. I would highly recommend working with Equiom.

Michael Wright, Production Manager Microsoft Corporation

Regulatory bodies want banks to hire a competent outside party to evaluate their network security. Equiom, with its technically savvy engineers, easily meets those requirements. My own requirements were much more comprehensive than the FDIC’s, including workstation audits and employee awareness training, and Equiom more than met my expectations.

Michael Burnap, VP of Technology Bay Bank

The Equiom team has demonstrated true innovative thinking and implementation grounded on a very sound technical approach. Managing the end-to-end process from analysis, design, usability, coding, quality assurance, setup development, and documentation, we were impressed by not only the creativity and vision demonstrated but most of all the quality of the work delivered

Pascal Stolz, Director, Microsoft Corporation

Not only will I recommend your services to other companies, I will personally retain your services again if we need it. Each member of the Equiom has done stellar job in providing us with great test coverage in an expedient manner. I specially love the fact that folks were testing our web sites and services while we went to sleep in Seattle so that the next morning, we had a clear report and set of testing completed (and appropriate bugs filed). Equiom team collaborated very well with the dev team in scoping testing requirements and timelines for each release or each feature, and then completing the testing of the new launch

Alok Sinha, CTO and Co-Founder, SecondSpace Corporation

We had an extremely positive experience working with Equiom. Their expertise with scalable mission critical software played a key role in the design and architecture for our product. Additionally, they dedicated top-quality engineers to fix a critical flaw in shipping software under tight deadlines, which previously had proved very hard to resolve

Michael Robinson, Entrepreneur In Residence, Microsoft Corporation

Equiom has truly helped us at Scalix achieve our objective by providing a top notch implementation of a key feature in our product. When a future need for development outsourcing arises, I would not hesitate a second to look towards Equiom as the obvious first choice

Tom Brant, Principle Engineer, Scalix Corporation

We had a very tight schedule, Equiom helped to get our project done right and on time with high quality. We are extremely satisfied and would recommend Equiom to anyone looking for professional services work in their core competency

Andy Chau, CTO, TPI Software